Explore o Deserto do Atacama

Valley of the moon and valley of death

Of course you have to visit the Moon Valley and the Death Valley.  We are going to walk up to the Big Duna, investigate salt caves, visit abandoned salt mine. Why is so much salt here? Why and how were indigenous people extracting this salt? 

In summer time Moon Valley is white, in winter time it is almost red. Amazing mix of a sand, rock formations like “amphitheatre”,”three sisters”.

Baltinache and Tebenquinche Lagoons

Have you ever floated on the Death sea? You can do the same on the Baltinache lagoon which is  in the Atacama salt flat. If you have never been there you are going to be very surprised.  Why you can float? Just come here and you will know!

If the Baltinache lagoon is perfect for float and relax another lagoon which is Tebenquinche lagoon is one of the best places to enjoy the view of the Andes mountain range on the sunset! And here we will find one of the oldest microorganisms in our planet!

Altiplanic lagoons, red stones

Rainbow valley is located just at 3000 m. This place is perfect for the geology and history fans. We are going to explore some igneous rocks of 65 million years old. You are going to understand why there are so many coloures. This place is special because here we are going to see almost all kinds of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, volcanic. 

We will  make small trekking there for enjoy of views around.

Arquelogical tour

Fortress Quitor built by indigenous people Lickan-Antay, ruins of the old village Tulor, ruins of Zapar fortress, Talabre abandoned village, gorge of Talabre with old rock art, with inca influence, Taira rock art..  Let’s to investigate and learn about the past of the local culture together…

How did people survive in the harsh conditions of the desert Atacama? Why did they draw on the surface of the ground strange geoglyphs? One of the oldest mommies have been found in the Atacama desert.. Lickan – antay is very special tribe.

Indigenous villages

 This expedition is very special because regular agencies do not go there. We are going to visit the most typical villages of the  lickan – antay people (local people).

We will:

  • Explore  how do they live here, sharing with them their daily life.
  • Listen to their stories.
  • Try typical food.
  • Investigate unknown places.
  • Learn about local traditions and culture.

Geysers del tatio

The geothermal field Geyser of Tatio (4300 m) is the third biggest in the world after the Yellowstone in the USA and the Valley of Geysers in Russia. 

You are not going to see the high jet of water here. Would be quite bored to see the same everywhere. What is waiting for you here? Unforgettable view with more than 80  fumaroles.

When the sun just appears geothermal field is changing… It is a unique part of the world where you can enter to the geothermal field and feel the power of the Earth!.

Tara salt flat

This excursion is the highest around San Pedro. We are going to stay between 4000 m and 4500 m.

Do you like unusual rocks formations? Do you want to stay alone with nature?  If the answer is “yes” this trip is  for you. No people, no villages, just wild nature.

We will get closer to the Licancabur volcano which is the sacred mountain for the local people. 

We will visit different viewpoints, swamps, “Stone Monks” – high stone sculptures made just with wind erosion! 


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We want to invite you to know the true Atacama desert. We want to show you unknown places but beautiful and interesting.

Did you know that here are the oldest pre-columbian ruins of Atacama? That here we have the Salar de Surire (national monument) where you can enjoy the hottest hot springs in the north of Chile? That here we have one of the highest lakes in the world? (4500 m) we refer to Chungara Lake. it is not only attractive for the landscapes but also for its diverse fauna!.


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